In the past couple of weeks or so, the right wing,  I can’t specify them as the “wing nuts”, has found three more non-issues to make into hysterical bumper sticker issues!

First was the horrible and terribly sad attack by a mad man at Fort Hood. Members of the “right”, immediately claimed it as a terrorist attack on America. Why? Because Major Hasan is a Muslim. Pure racism and scare tactic. Does anybody really believe al Qaeda would place an “extremist plant” in The US Army to only go on a random shooting spree to only kill thirteen innocent people? Give Bin Laden and al Qaeda more credit than that!

Next is the move by Attorney General Eric Holder calling for criminal trials in New York City to try the top al Qaeda thugs being held in the 9/11/01 WTC attacks. This is a no brainer for the federal government. Trying them in New York Southern District Court will expose these pieces of human crap to the best and toughest prosecutors in the country. They are not going to “get off”. This also reminds the rest of the world that our justice system is the best and fairest in the world. We are, after all, trying to be a beacon of decency to the planet. Security will be handled just fine in NYC. To remind the right wingers of a very important fact, our federal courts have a  100% conviction record  in cases of terrorism! I do believe another good move by the federal government would be to buy the under used prison facility in Illinois and hold the GITMO detainees there. Then start trying these people in a quicker fashion. For you budget hawks, we are spending millions of dollars to hold these people in Guantanamo, send them here, and create new domestic jobs for the prison.

The last bit of  Glenn Beck style hysteria would be the disgust shown  by the right wing at the sight of President Obama “bowing” to the Japanese leader of state, as it was earlier this year when the right wingers flipped out at Obama bowing to the Saudi leader. What these obvious idiots don’t seem to understand is that is the tradition and the showing of respect in those countries! But no!!! The real wing nuts believe this is a display of “American weakness”. It’s that attitude that gained the United States so much anger and displeasure toward “us”  during the Bush 43 years. The “bully of the planet!”, that’s the way the extreme right likes it. They like our country to be hated by every state it comes in contact with. What a great foreign policy basis. It’s no wonder we’re still trying to escape the enormous trade deficit we have built.

Here’s what amazes me and saddens me. The closest a conservative elected politician has come to calling out these ‘WING NUTS” , was Senator Lindsey Graham(R-SC) saying the Glenn Beck “tea baggers” are lunatics. The problem is  the main stream republicans and their leadership are running scared from the “leader”, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of these ill informed fear mongers! Oh, how I long for the return of great republicans like Nelson Rockefeller, Ev Dirkson, Mark Hatfield, Arne Carlson, even Barry Goldwater and the rest. Thank you.

Cam Obertphoenix_tea_party_05orlando-tea-party


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