I am writing this as a result of a discussion I had with a guy in the whirlpool at the club yesterday. I heard him mention to another guy that the “Obamacare” bill before the congress is nothing but another big spending, big taxing bill from the democrats! He went on to say if a person read the bill, like he says he did, it will support his assertion. At which point, I had to say something! First, I challenged him about reading the bill. It’s over 1900 pages long and nobody, even in Congress or the administration has read it all! Then he proclaimed he read the merged bill that came out of the Senate. I told him the Senate doesn’t even start debating the subject until next week!

People are calling it “Obamacare” because that’s what Fox News, Charles Krauthammer and the rest of the conservative wing nuts refer to it as. Truth be told, President Obama has never come up with a bill himself! I’ve been railing on him for months because of his poor handling of the health care reform bill. But, this is so typical of the extreme right wing. The people that follow their lead, never bother to check the facts. They are simply enamored by the their side doing everything they can to destroy the Presidency of Barack Obama. Of course, we all know now, that everything Fox News spews, must be fact checked, thank you Jon Stewart. Remember, it is from an internal Fox News memo, Rupert Murdoch himself wants the Obama presidency destroyed!

So please, if you’re a righty, check the facts before opening your ignorent pie hole! Thank you.

Cam Oberthealth-care-reform-path_Par_0001_Image_250US Health Overhaul


3 Responses to ““OBAMACARE”? NO SUCH THING!”

  1. sistersue Says:

    Yep. I give Obama a high five. He has taken on so many challenges left by Bush. I think he’s meeting himself coming and going. Was disturbing to read that so many Congressmen/women on both sides of the aisle used LOBBYISTS to write their words for them.

  2. Jerrol LeBaron Says:

    Take a look at this video.

    This is what happens when reading the bill is not important.

    Gross government waste or violations routinely come about when the bills are not read. Witness: Bush Bailout, Stimulus Package, Patriot Act.

    I don’t care what Party a person belongs to. If a lawmaker is going to vote in favor of the bill, that person has a moral and fiduciary responsibility to read and thoroughly analyze the bill. This applies to any bill, not just the healthcare bill.

    Competent deliberation is not possible if no one has read the bill. Read it. Understand it. Have a fine-tuning debate about it. Make the healthcare or any bill as good as it can be.

    We’ve already had enough slipshod laws passed over the last decade. Let’s get some good ones passed now.

    Jerrol LeBaron
    Executive Director
    Honor In Office

  3. Brad Obert Says:

    So why are we rushing bills through Congress that noone has read again?

    And where is the money coming from to pay for this wonderful new healthcare bill, I certainly don’t want to call it Obamacare?

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