President Obama was elected last November with a sizable margin. He had great vision and goals for his administration, that America obviously bought into. Well, here we sit ten months later with really no progress being made on any of his campaign platform.  I believe this is due to his very poor management of the office of President. I know, he came into office in a total meltdown of the economy and a huge mess in the Middle East. This was not his doing, but how he is attacking it has been troubling to me.

I believe his job on the economy would be much better had it started earlier and more aggressively than it did. I think he should have worked more closely with Geithner, Bernanke, and Volcker, as a team. Now it appears it’s almost all Geithner, a little of Bernanke, and a total lockout of Volcker. In these economically stressed times, why aren’t all three being leaned on?  It’s moving too slow for the majority of Americans. Unemployment is over 10% now, and some say that may get worse. That figure does not count the unemployed people who have given up looking for a job, or the under-employed. As a CEO, you set the vision, the results you expect, and get out of the way and let your people get it done!

President Obama totally dropped the ball on the management of initiating and guiding health care reform through Congress. This could have been the crowning achievement of his tenure, but instead, it may be what takes him down! The President should have outlined what he wants as a bill, and then from the get go, start working on members of Congress to get it done his way and on his time table. What he did was throw it at Pelosi and Baucus and told them to put something together for him to review later. Starting last May, he should have been over at the House and Senate a lot seeing to it that it gets done. By doing that, there would have been focus and purpose to gain the end result. Instead, as the arguing and negotiating was free wheeling through Congress, the door was wide open was the reactionary right to start grabbing the headlines. “Tea bagging” rallies would never have materialized. The nut cases that destroyed any attempts of public discourse at town hall meetings would have never been heard of!

Let Secretary Clinton run foreign affairs. She has proven to be, by far, the most competent person in the Obama administration. The president really should not be taking all of these trips abroad right now. There is way too much to be done at home and we need his leadership.

The president has people to take care of other things in the short term,i.e. “cap and trade”, floundering, gays in the military, floundering, etc. These were on his campaign agenda and they are not being addressed properly. President Obama needs to meet, in earnest, with Doris Kearns Goodwin, and find out how Lyndon Johnson was able to push Medicare, Social Security reform, Voting rights through a sometimes very hostile Congress. The way I see it, Johnson didn’t bother checking the winds of politics before making decisions, he just did it!

President Obama was hoping to get a health care reform bill signed by the end of the year so he could crow about it in his state of the union address. I still don’t see it happening in time. The republicans will keep dragging their feet and the “pro choice” members of Congress still need to address the inclusion of the Supak amendment in the House bill. 

This has turned into a real quagmire for the President and I think it’s because he mismanaged it from the beginning. I still support my President, and I think he will get it going, but I feel bad that he has already missed a year of opportunity.

Cam Obertbarack-obama


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