The voters of Minnesota’s 6th Congressional district have about 12 months to decide if it’s their time to correct this horrendous mistake they’ve already committed twice! Michele Bachmann has been a public spectacle and embarrassment for the 6th district, the state of Minnesota, and even the United States of America! Americans are being forced to explain this abomination of our elective process to leaders of other countries.

Her career of shame is long and laughable. Remember when she was in the Minnesota legislature, and as a homophobic right wing extremist, she got caught peeking through a hedge on the capitol grounds to spy on a gay rights rally? Wow!, a sitting member of the legislature!  On her way to the US Congress, she lucked out twice by the weak opponents the democrats put up against her. I’m confident in the strength of the candidate this time, Tarryl Clark, and her own self-destructive ways will finally end her racist, homophobic, friend of the wealthy right wing reign of terror.

One only needs to Google her and find there are countless pages of her shameful ways and words, especially as a sitting member of congress. You can catch her act on many pages of youtube.com as well. Look into her eyes. What do you see? I see a person that is mad, evil, or simply in need of serious doses of medication! Believe me, I don’t like to personally attack candidates or polititions, but sometimes it’s unavoidable!

It concerns me when questioned about the issues of the day, she simply melts. Reference interviews by Chris Matthews. It concerns me that a sitting congressperson’s closest ideological allies are Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michele Malkin, Laura Ingraham, and Ann Coulter. Not a single one of them holding an elected office!

The long and short of it is she has already proven beyond a shadow of doubt that she is not qualified to hold elective office or be in a position to make policy in any shape!

Voters of the 6th district; LISTEN! you must make it right in 2010. As Minnesotans, as Americans, you must do your duty and rid congress of this dirty messy situation. Thank you.

Cam Obert

Michele Bachmann

This is our Congresswoman!



  1. Matt Oscarson Says:

    This is a very flattering picture of Bachmann you have posted. I live in God’s Country, so I am deferential about Minnesota politics, but I must say I do get a good laugh every time she opens her mouth on T.V.

  2. Kevin Pauza MD Says:

    MICHELE BACHMANN” is correct to form her opinions and beliefs from people other than Washington career politicians. I’ve completed 8 years of Graduate school after college. I am neither a political activist nor a “Political Hobbyist”. I am a Physician, a cancer researcher, and a medical technology inventor. I work seven days a week. I frequently provide free medical care, and I respectfully challenge any others to debate me on the beliefs I believe in which parallell the beliefs voiced by Michele Bachman. I hope she considers supporting our country as our President or Vice President.
    Kevin Pauza MD

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