Public Political Negativity, I’m Sick of It!

In this age of the thirty second sound bite, it seems politicians and political organizations have decided that negativity works. As a society, we have become used to personal attack ads and flat out lies to guide us at the polling booths. The far left and the far right have done a great job of destroying reasonable, sensible public debate. Adult Americans apparently have decided they don’t want to take the time to study the facts and make their opinions based on their research. I think that is a very sad situation.

It seems the politicians themselves, don’t want to engage in civilized debate. They are being pushed and pulled so much from the extremes of their ideology, that even they break out the personal, not germain to the topic, attacks, rather than systematically roll out what they are promoting as a holder of the office they trying to gain. Look what happened in New Jersey and Virginia, both of the losing candidates for governor broke out early with non-germain, negative, personal attack ads. Although not the single reason why they lost, it probably was a major contributor to their ploitical demise!

I know it’s hard to find time in our busy lives to educate ourselves on the issues, but I think as responsible citizens, we owe it to our great country to at least try. If we all took a little more time to study, the wing nuts on the extremes would not be as strong a presense as they are. Why?, because their views are way too extreme to work in a civilized society.

The extreme right is fueled by talk radio, and lately, Fox News Network. The extreme left is pushed by MSNBC, and to a lesser extent, The New York Times and Washington Post, although both publications are moving more to the center these last couple of years. So that presents the problem. Americans find it easier to get their”news” from Rush Limbaugh , Fox, and MSNBC. Although MSNBC, outwardly admits it’s shows are commentaries, not news, but people read that wrong. 

In this age of biased journalism and news reporting, it’s difficult to get unfiltered information. Even the internet sources are all tainted with some kind of agenda. I find, looking to the BBC or The Christian Science Monitor are as good as you’ll find for unbiased news reporting. Please check these sources, I implore you. Start formulating your own opinions and stop echoing what you hear from Rush, Sean, Keith, Rachel, etc.

As most of you know, I am a Liberal, and proud of it. But I have become sick of politics in this country because it seems nobody wants to address issues head on. If you’re asked a question, answer it. Don’t dance around it. I will say the proper way to interview a person is done by Dylan Ratigan on his show. He asks a question, and doesn’t quit until he has forced his guest to answer it, and throw all the political BS out of the way.

Anyway, to quote Joe Leiberman(R-CT), “that’s my position and I’m sticking to it!”

Cam Obert


3 Responses to “Public Political Negativity, I’m Sick of It!”

  1. sistersue Says:

    Unfortunately it’s not only politics where people are drawn to the negatives. It’s like a car wreck. People would rather read about “Jon and Kate” and their drama then about the number of refugees who have had to flee Iraq because of the war (which is well over a million refugees). Fox network gets the highest ratings because their political pundits/commentators tend to go with the negative or the “shock and awe” of a story. People like to watch it. That’s why wrestling and race car driving are our most popular sports. One shows people slamming each other around and the other is people watching knowing that there might be an accident out on the track. Look at so much of the garbage on t.v. — and I do mean garbage. Someone is actually watching this stuff or it wouldn’t be on the air. Negative ads/campaigning works. Remember the Willie Horton ad when Dukakis was running for President? It works. That’s why they are still using negative attacks and ads.

  2. sistersue Says:

    Oh, as for Joe Lieberman — he blows whichever way the wind blows. I would never want him on my team!

  3. Patty Says:

    Here is one of my major gripes. The late-night talk show hosts who “make stuff up” in the interest of trying to be funny. Every morning on radio’s First Light they air a sound bite from Conan O’Brien. He absolutely tells lies about President Obama and other political figures…and then has some kind of “clever” one liner to follow. We can only hope ALL Americans know the stuff is a joke…but we know in our hearts that there are those who will put it in an e-mail and blast it off as fact. Give a listen…if you can stand it.

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