Winterizing Your Landscape-Part Two

My business card  Fall is not the right time to prune trees and shrubs! The plant needs the nutrients and food from every part to survive the winter. As a general rule of thumb, leafy trees should be pruned and trimmed in the middle of winter, in full dormancy. As a side, do not paint the cut part, it needs air and breeze to heal.

As far as shrubs go, trim and prune in the spring. If it’s a flowering shrub, prune right after the flowers fall off. Spring is also the best time to trim the evergreen plants, arborvitae, juniper, etc. Never remove more than 33% of the plant at a time!

Once the first few frosts and freezes have passed, clean your gardens of the dead perennial tops and foliage. You can wait until spring to do this, but by then the debrits is mushy and smelly. If your garden had any diseases during the growing season, remove the debrits completely from your property, don’t compost it.

You can keep mowing until the grass is done growing for the year or the ground is frozen. I do this to with a bagger attachment to keep leaves etc. off the lawn. To put your mower away for the winter, thoroughly wash and clean the deck top and bottom, and the wheels. This removes weed seed and disease that might be stuck on the mower. After cleaning drain and run the gas completely out of the mower. In the spring, change the oil, if you have a four stroke motor, install a new spark plug, clean or replace the air filter, and sharpen the blade. Remember, when removing the blade, disconnect the spark plug wire.

If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at Thank you, and have a restful winter to recharge for next spring’s yard work!  🙂

Cam Obert


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