lts Are Not Indicative of a Trend!

The so-called “big one”, the New Jersey governor seat went to Chris Christie, the republican.  Now settle down Michael Steele!, this was a case of a sitting governor , John Corzine, with a dismal 40% approval rating to begin with. When last elected, Corzine promised an economic turn-a-round, more jobs, and lower property taxes. He has delivered on none! I think there was a huge negative reaction to his personal investment in his campaign of over 87 million dollars, money gained by him when he was a “Wall Street Fat Cat” with Goldman-Sachs. He also chose, early in the campaign, to take the low road with his personal attacks on Christie. Talk about never having a chance, look at all the negativity associated with Corzine. He never had a chance!

In Virginia, as I stated yesterday, the democrats put up a terrible candidate, again settle down Michael Steele, this was a match up of the worst that could be served up. Under Tim Kain, the sitting democratic governor, Virginia is one of the healthiest states in the country. Virginia has been rated the best state for doing business, one of the best states to raise a family, and a state that has been perhaps less hurt by the global economic collapse. Given that, why would Virginians vote for a change? It’s all local, the democrats screwed up big time!

New York 23 is a case where the Rush Limbaugh Sarah Palin forces lost a seat for the republicans. A seat held by the GOP since the Civil War! So Kain and the democratic party, please don’t claim responsibilty. You had nothing to do with this outcome. This was the conservative wing nuts torpedoing their own party! As I said yesterday, as the wing nuts gain more power in the GOP, the election losses will continue to mount!

I was very disappointed in the results of the same-sex marriage referendum in Maine. Same-sex marriage has been overturned by the voters. I guess I just can’t get my brain around where these anti-gay marriage advocates are coming from. It’s very sad.

Yesterday’s elections also show, again, why public financed campaigns need to become the law. Michael Bloomberg and John Corzine have spent over 400 million dollars of their own money to gain political power and adoration. This is so wrong. It discourages potential, probably good quality, candidates from even making a run. That goes for either political party!  Bloomberg, for an incumbant with high favorables, only had a 5 point spread over an underfinanced opponent. There definately was resentment over his spending over 100 million dollars of his own money to buy his seat back.

Cam Obert


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