Have sports team’s fans lost touch with reality?

 In the 1980’s, my wife and I lived in the Washington DC area. The adoration of the Redskins was beyond belief to us. As hard working Minnesotans, with very strong work ethic, we simply couldn’t believe how this “worship” of a team was possible, while still trying to cope with the realities of life. The media in the DC area fed right into this, hysteria! You know when the Washington Post headline in April proclaims, in horror, that quarterback Mark Rypian had stubbed his toe in the shower  at his house, that was the end! My wife and I avoided my parents house on Sundays in the fall because they, like the rest of the Redskin crazies, were so over the top obnoxious that we couldn’t take it. To this day, I hate the Redskins, the Green Bay Packers, The Denver Broncos, the Boston Red Sox, college teams from Notre Dame and the University of Wisconsin because of their over-bearing and obnoxious fans.  By the way, a brilliant move getting Favre to sign. Twice this season he stuck it to those hated “Green Bush” fans. Go Favre and Go Viqueens!!!

Cam Obert


3 Responses to “Have sports team’s fans lost touch with reality?”

  1. youandmedoweagree Says:

    As the author of this post, I must admit to my own adoration of the Minnesota Twins. This feeling is probably from growing up in a small town where we always had the Twins on the radio, the fans in general are baseball savvy, they keep their cheer for the team in the right perspective, and more recently because of the business model the Twins use.
    Cam Obert

  2. Matt Oscarson Says:

    I love the Green Bay Packers and I do not find myself or any other Packer Backers to be obnoxious. We love our Green Bay Packers thru thick and thin, unlike the Viqueen Fans who jump of the wagon as soon as they start going down hill. We always keep our chins up!

  3. Patty Says:

    I am always a little jealous of the passion so many people feel about their sports teams. I have to admit, I just don’t get it. I enjoyed high school sports and still attend some local high school sports at age 60. I don’t like reality television, either. I may need counseling.

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