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November 30, 2009

    Flash back to the incessant rantings of Bill O’Reilly and Operation Rescue’s Randall Terry about what a “murderous soul” Dr. George Tiller was. Dr. Tiller was an abortion physician in Wichita, Kansas. Dr. Tiller was murdered in cold blood on a Sunday morning in his church! A God-fearing good citizen of the area. He was murdered by a crazed lunatic pro-lifer. Could this nut case have been spurred on by these thoughtless idiots, O’Reilly and Terry?

    In 1898, Wilmington N.C. was on track as an open-minded desegregated city, in the South. There were even blacks serving on elected city positions along with whites! Well, there was a small group of white supremacists that had seen enough. They began a campaign of bigoted antiblack verbal and written attacks. It didn’t take long to whip enough of the whites in the city to “overthrow” the desegregated local government. Approximately 20 innocent people were killed with rumors revolving around of many more bodies dumped in Cape Fear River. As a result of “hate speech”, many of the town’s blacks left in fear, and Wilmington returned to Jim Crow laws for the next half century.

   In today’s America, we have Christian, I use that term very loosely, church pastors openly praying with their parishioners for the death of President Obama. That would be Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist church in Tempe, Arizona and Reverend Wiley Drake in California!  PRAYING FOR THE DEATH OF THE PRESIDENT IN CHURCH!!!!   I’d hardly call them  men of the cloth. I would call them cold-blooded savages! That’s right, savages! It only takes one right “wing-nut” to hear that God approves of the murder of the President, to carry out the task. I can’t believe these men aren’t in prison or at least the church throwing them out as treasonous worshippers of the devil.

   This kind of hatred being spun up around the country has created the growth of anti-government militia groups, to the tune of more than 50 new ones that can be accounted for now. Are you readers starting to be concerned yet? There has been a 400% increase on death threats to the President compared to the previous President!  A President is a President, right? Why this incredible increase in death threats? I want an educated, legitimate explanation for what’s happening.

    Glenn Beck keeps fanning the flames of hate; last March he said, “If this country starts to spiral out of control….there will be parts of the country that will rise up.”

    Last spring, Fox News Business Anchor Cody Willard whipping up the right as well; “Guys, when are we going to wake up and start fighting the fascism that seems to be permeating this country?”  Both of the hate based statements were telecast to a nationwide audience. Now most of us with even half of a brain know that this dribble comes from morons but, there are enough loonies in this country that just need to hear it legitimized to take action.

  My wish is the hate filled fear mongering animals that have access to the public, would think before they speak. “They” are the ones responsible for the spiralling downfall our society seems to be falling through. Thank you.

Cam Obert



November 28, 2009

     While the United States and the rest of the developed world have been focussed on the artificial threats posed by al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, Iran, and North Korea, there has been one of the greatest human slaughter in recorded history going on in the Sudan! The Americans, the European Union, and the African Union Peace and Security Commission have only given light lip service to this human rights tragedy.

   In 2005, the CPA, “Comprehensive Peace Agreement”, was forged as a plan to bring the northern and southern factions of Sudan to peace. But, because nobody is watching what’s going on there, the north continues to receive aid and weapons from the Chinese and others. A violation of the CPA. They continue to dominate the more tribal nomadic peoples of the South.  When you combine this with the genocide taking place in the western part of Sudan, Darfur, this is a recipe for sure cataclysmic and disastrous results. To date, there have already been over two million people killed and over five million people displaced  to basically wander and run for their lives throughout north central Africa! Without outside intervention, this bloodshed will continue unchecked. It probably will worsen, in fact, by the increasing military power of the North.

    So now you ask the question, how could the good people of the United States continue to basically ignore this? Secretary of State Clinton has proposed ending the conflict, the genocide, and dividing the country into two entities by 2011. How? It can’t happen without a full court press by our military and diplomatic channels.

   It’s time for people to wake up. This situation can be resolved by keeping the eye on the ball. The “ball” being ending the genocide, ending the raping and pillaging of innocent civilians, and doing what’s right and proper for human decency. The United States should even consider a unilateral move on the situation as it appears getting help from other nations will be too difficult and time-consuming. Let’s get our troops out of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. By staying there longer we only stokes the flames of hatred toward us by not only the terrorists, but also the whole Muslim world.  Listen people, al Qaeda is not a viable threat to the security and continuity of the United States of America. The fear mongerers from the right will tell you different, but it’s simply not true. Please use your common sense. North Korea is a threat to South Korea and maybe some of the rest of the Pacific Rim. They don’t, nor will they get the ability or means to deliver a strike at the U.S. Iran is beginning the implosion that most level-headed experts on the country said would happen. That problem will take care of itself.

   The United States has to stop being the receiver of 9-1-1 calls from around the planet.  Other than human rights violations or genocide, as the U.S. answered the call in Bosnia, we need to take care of business at home. We have an ignored and worn out infrastructure, for what we wasted on the Iraqi debacle, we could have built and repaired countless roads and bridges at home, built hundreds of needed health care facilities, hundreds od schools and so on. Let’s start taking care ourselves first.

   But, we do need to get involved militarily in Sudan. This human carnage has to be stopped. I’m in favor of a heavy fast military occupation, diplomatic relation then need to be established and peace needs to come to reality in this area. If the U.S. doesn’t get involved, a catastrophe  of unheard of proportions will result! Then the God-fearing fine people of our country will say, “Why didn’t we do something to stop this?” That’s my point. Thank you.

Cam Obert


November 26, 2009

   On this Thanksgiving Day, from the time we’re done feasting, it will be time to turn our attention to the next holiday, Christmas!  I don’t know about all of you, but I will be avoiding the”Black Friday” retail day! Unfortunately, our lousy economy has created what was once a busy shopping day, into a retail bonanza being advertised as if this day is more important than Christmas itself!  Sometimes I wonder if our present society has forgotten what this season is really about. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or others, the idea is for family to be close, help those in need, and enjoy our individual blessings. For those of us raised in a Christian household, we are supposed to be humble to the birth of Jesus.  I don’t recall anything about money pressure put on families to give the most gifts in order to show up whoever! I know by overdoing it at the stores we do help the ailing economy, but I’m in favor of a more loving, close, and humble holiday.

   About that live cut Christmas tree. When you venture out to the tree lots to find that perfect tree, hopefully with your family in tow, here’s are some of the things to look for. After you have separated a tree you chosen from the others, first look at shape and fullness. Is it full all the way around? Now days, the shape is pretty easy as most tree growers are out in their tree fields in summer shearing and shaping the trees. After choosing a full nicely shaped specimen, check the freshness, Do this by gently bending a few branches around the tree. If they are pliable or “bendy”, the tree is good. If you notice a lot of needle drop when you shake it or brittle branches, put that one back. It’s okay to ask the attendant when the trees were harvested, most tree harvesting goes from mid September to the end of October. If the harvested trees are stored out of the sun and wind and typically cool fall temperatures, they will be fine.

    It’s important to put a fresh-cut on the trunk just before setting the tree up in the stand. That is very important as it will help the tree take up water. Without the fresh-cut, the tree won’t drink because the original cut has healed over.

   Once you have the tree mounted in the stand, set it up in your house. Locate the tree away from heat registers, the fireplace, and south-facing windows. When watering the tree, use room temperature water, not cold or too warm. Watch the first days as the tree will be taking up water quickly after each watering. You can use a chemical additive to the water if you’d like. It really cheap and is available most anywhere. Over the weeks until take down after Christmas watch the water level everyday. You will also lose water to evaporation.  You can slow the evaporation by pulling the tree skirt up over the stand.

    Once you have the tree set up and watered, let the bows fall for at least several hours. If you start stringing lights and decorating before the bow fall, when they do fall, it will change you decorating scheme!

    My favorite Christmas tree is a sheared Balsam fir. It holds its needles very well, it’s “the” traditional tree from old Europe, and the fragrance is unmatched! The next best is the Fraser fir. This tree is known for its rich color, fullness, needle holding, and fragrance. It’s also the most expensive tree. The price is dropping some because they are now being grown in Minnesota and Michigan as well as their original fields in the Smokeys of North Carolina!  The Scots pine is known for its natural shape, needle holding, and it’s longer needles.  In Northern states, you will also find the Norway pine which has very long needles, more random shapes, and greater difficulty to decorate. These make excellent trees for flocking. Remember the difference, firs are short needled and pines are long needled.

    I hope you can use these tips, I learned from “the master”, my Dad, John Obert. As a boy, every year I’d go out with Dad to find the perfect tree. Sometimes it would take us more than a day. He was a perfectionist! For those of you that knew my Dad, I’m sure you’ll agree! If you have questions, please e-mail me at;, or call, 612-747-5575. Thank you, and please have an enjoyable relaxing holiday season and don’t forget what it’s supposed to be about.

Cam Obert


November 25, 2009

    I heard from several people yesterday with regards to my critique of the management style, or lack there of, of President Obama. To be clear, I support him 100% and really hope he will be a very successful as President. I understand he came into office with probably the biggest overall overhaul job any new President has ever faced. What has been sorely lacking, however, is a clear plan, with a strong lead, to get this done!  Example, President Obama, to his credit, has thoroughly researched the Afghanistan situation, unlike his predecessors, and apparently will go ahead with what he wanted to do almost a month ago! More ammunition for the right!

    The President missed the opportunity to address the jobs situation by several months. He should have set out a clear plan, and lead it, early this fall. Now he’s waiting for a finished health care reform bill to come out of Congress, that’s going to be diluted, convoluted, cumbersome, and probably will not have a public option! That in itself, will cost his party many seats in Congress and many governorships. If he had started a jobs building effort earlier this year, he would at least have something moving in the right direction in time for next fall’s elections. The American public is actually more concerned about jobs, the economy, and now the deficit, than they are about health care.

    Would somebody please tell the “wing-nuts” that Sarah Palin is a celebrity, not a political figure!  You’ll notice on her book tour that she has not granted a single interview to a main stream news organization. She chatted with Oprah and Barbara Walters, but that’s certainly not hard-hitting journalism. Oh, I forgot, she made the rounds on all the Fox News evening shows. Wow, they really dug in, didn’t they!?  The reason she can’t be considered a political figure is simple; SHE IS TOTALLY IGNORANT OF THE ISSUES IN TODAY’S WORLD!!!  When will the extreme right wake up to this obvious fact? 

     Same-sex marriage denial is an out-right violation of Americans’ civil rights! On January 11, 2010, the federal court will be looking at California’s Repeal of Prop 8. I hope the court will recognize the right of marriage to any couple that wishes to be wed.  I still don’t understand why people are opposed to same-sex marriage, Neanderthal thinking!

    For those of you that aren’t living in Minnesota, you’re lucky! No, just kidding. But, we do have an absolute idiot for a governor who has lied and colored the truth about taxes since day one. He claims to have cut our taxes, but now the local entities, cities and counties, have had to raise taxes to cover for his cuts! The bottom line is, the tax payers are no better off than they were before. Our state, along with many other states, now charge “fees”. The politicians in control think this is different from taxes. This is bullshit, with a capital B! We aren’t that stupid, except maybe the ones that support these dopes.

    My two favorite teams, the Minnesota Twins and the St. Louis Cardinals have the major leagues’ MVP’s this year. Congratulations to Joe Mauer of the Twins and Albert Pujols of the Cardinals. I think Albert Pujols, barring major injury, will finish his career as perhaps one of the greatest baseball players of all time! It is so fun and gratifying watching him play the game.

   May you and your family and friends be blessed at this time of year. It is a time to take stock and count our blessings. Be well and peace! Thank you.

Cam Obert



November 24, 2009

   Sorry if this is starting to sound like a broken record, but as the inaction by this President continues, his favorability ratings, therefore his ability to pass legislation, keeps falling.  It’s falling because everyday that passes and nothing happens, it’s like gasoline for the right-wing to pour on the already raging forest fire. Who is advising the President? Can’t someone in the White House tell him to start making some decisions, to start leading Congress, and to start leading this country to the goals he set and the promises he made?

    President Obama is a good man. His vision for our country is good. His ability to mend fences abroad is good. That’s why I supported him, and still do, and why the country elected him. But, along with that , a President needs a strong ability to lead and manage. This is where the issue is. I have been saying since last May, Obama’s lack of management skill is getting him into trouble. His own personal staff should have been telling him and guiding him in the right direction. They have not done that. Generally, former governors make better Presidents because they have the executive leadership experience. President Obama, coming from the U.S. Senate and prior to that the Illinois State Senate, comes from a background of consensus and compromise.  I guess that is one reason why former legislators don’t generally do well in presidential races. John Kennedy is probably the most recognizable exception. But with a strong-willed goal oriented staff, Obama should be able to do better. I think it’s time he start looking at his staff, particularly Raum Emanuel, and think about some changes, before it’s too late!

   He and his staff ruined the health care reform movement by themselves. Never took  lead, left it to these incompetent bums in Congress, Pelosi and Baucus. Opened the door wide open last summer for the idiots, “birthers”, “town hall crazies”, Fox News rallies, etc. Had this been pushed through from the beginning, the “wing nuts” would have never gotten that foot hold!  What do you think of that? Geez, I’m starting to sound like Sid Hartman! Anyway, now it will languish in the Senate until after the new year. This could have been done last summer!

Afghanistan, the next management debacle! The President should have made a decision a long time ago. He’s had all the information he needs for months!  What was once a strong point for him, even with the conservatives has now become yet another albatross around his neck. By dragging his feet, the conservatives have turned on him and now the lefties are getting angry about it. Congressman David Obey(D-WI), has called for direct taxation to pay for an expansion of our presence there. Senator Carl Levin(D-MI), has now echoed Obey. So now we start a movement to start paying directly, via increased taxes, to support this quagmire(not Glen) in Afghanistan. As Joe Scarborough says, and I agree, why is it every time there’s a flare-up on the planet the 9-1-1 call goes out to the United States. There is no reason for us to stay involved in that mess!

   Now with all the mismanagement being done by the President and the White House, even the imbecile Sarah Palin has tied him in approval ratings. Is it time to take me out and shoot me? At least the leading pundits on the left are finally starting to question what I have been questioning since last May!  Thank you.

Cam Obert


November 20, 2009

     I hope most of you feel the same as I do regarding this blemish on the American political, that’s a laugh, and celebrity scene. I can’t understand why the major networks keep giving this woman coverage. I see why Fox News does it. Fox is operated by a bunch of horny men that seem to just want to get in her pants. Did you see the way Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly ogle her? Enough to make me want to puke! But I am disappointed that the other news organizations keep covering her under the guise she may be a candidate for something. Chris Matthews has a sick infatuation with Palin as well. Wake up wing nuts! She is not nor can not be a candidate for office!

    She can not run for office because the American people overwhelmingly feel she is not qualified for political office, 60%  in the latest poll. Combine that statistic with the latest approval poll showing her at 27%! So, if she is not qualified for office, if the American people don’t like her, why the coverage? She tried to throw her political weight around in the New York 23 election, by endorsing the conservative wing nut for the office. Not only did her candidate get killed by the democrat, it is the first time since the Civil War, that a republican will not be seated! The republicans I’m sure are cheering for Sarah with that screw up! Here is proof of just what a dim bulb she is; she came out claiming the Army should have been “profiling” Major Hasan so they could have dealt with him before he performed his “jihad terrorist attack” on Fort Hood! Is she racist or just plain stupid? I vote for stupid.

   The experts advised her after the 2008 election republican debacle to go home, lay low, and study the issues. Obviously they felt she was in way over her head intellectually in that campaign. Another reason why she is not going to be a serious candidate for anything is she simply didn’t do what they advised her to do. She has been seeking camara coverage almost every minute of every day, she’s made an uncountable number of stupid or ignorant statements, she still can’t address policy or issues, but did finally start to read!

   Her list of periodicals that she reads are The Frontiersman, a Wasilla Alaska newspaper, NewsMax magazine, a rag that makes The Weekly Standard look liberal!, and occasionally The Wall Street Journal, though I doubt she understands it!

   Her new book, “Going Rogue”, is a best seller, I guess thanks to sales from the $5 and $7 discount book sellers. NewsMax magazine is offering the book free to new subscribers. This book is chock full of lies and half truths. Fact checking researchers have found so many errors that it’s really a journalistic joke! This will come back to haunt her, if she runs for an office. The worst part of the book, however, is how she is “fighting down”. She attacks the “little people” of the last campaign, the staffers. What serious political candidate has ever gained traction by attacking staff personnel? Very weak and very shallow!

   The only thing left that I would have any interest in, from a human interest point of view, is what Levi Johnston knows and when is he going to spill the beans? Again Palin being a pillar of maturity, engaging a 19 year old in a public family drama!

    The bottom line, as I see it is, Sarah Palin is no different from any other denizen of the trailer parks of America. She is not smart, she shoots off her mouth, always proving to us how dumb she really is, and based on her “back assward” of going about her business she’s done! Next stop for Sarah Palin, a talk show on Fox News Network, where her radical wing nut views, her racist commentary, and her downright stupidity will fit in perfectly! Glenn Beck will be the perfect first guest for her. An idiot interviewing America’s number one fear mongerer!!

Thank you. Cam Obert


I’M SICK OF “PC”(political correctness)! ARE YOU?

November 19, 2009

     “Political correctness” is a term that became a mainstream reality only in the last 20 years or so. It probably started in the American workplace somewhere. Exactly where “PC” shouldn’t be! Being overly “PC” in the work environment has stifled worker’s creativity and their ability to think freely about how they go about doing their tasks. Now workers have to measure carefully every word they use and every body move they make for fear of being written up or fired. Now companies and governmental institutions watch what employees are doing on their work place computers. If there is nobody around and you open a “racy” e-mail etc., then, God forbid, you forward it, that’s grounds for termination and possibly a ticket to hell in the after-life. It’s out of control! Some employers now utilize their favorite minions to spy for them, to turn in “PC” rule violators! LISTEN UP PEOPLE IN A WORK ENVIRONMENT; if you don’t like the language you hear, move! If you don’t like the bawdy jokes being told, don’t listen! Don’t ruin it for everyone at your work because you are over sensitive! There’s no doubt in my mind the law profession is the driver of this bullcrap! It probably began with some worker offended by some insignificant happening at the workplace, a dirty joke or something. They went to the boss to complain, and the boss told them not to listen to it if it offends them. Well, that wasn’t good enough, so an attorney told the worker to sue the company. They did, they won, and the rest is history! Is it any wonder why trial lawyers are held in such low regard?

Oh, there is such a great need for tort reform in this country. The legal profession seems to be calling the shots in every aspect of our lives. I believe it’s the lawyers that are a contributing factor to high malpractice premiums that doctors must pay to cover themselves, why the medical industry keeps raising their fees, and in turn why the corrupt insurance giant in this country use this as an excuse to rape us even more on our own insurance coverage! But, I digress.

    “PC” has invaded our private lives too. No matter where we go, no matter what we say, we will upset somebody with something we said or did. Even married couples have yet another wedge to spread them apart. We can hardly be ourselves in our own homes anymore! Ever heard the term “fun hater”? Usually people bent on political correctness!

    In the huge build up of our economy many years ago, this crap wasn’t even heard of. Let’s go back to being creative, energetic, having fun, and getting America moving again. If it takes a dirty joke, the release of gas from someone who ate the wrong thing, the scratching of private body parts, or the forwarding of an adult themed e-mail, then let’s do it! Get back to work  America and stop worrying what others are saying or doing!!! Thank you.

Cam Obert


November 18, 2009

   The obvious goal being the day when same-sex marriage is recognized and legal in all states of  the United States. That day is coming, slowly, but be patient because some things have to happen first.

    Proponents of same-sex unions need to use that term, “union”.  The term “same-sex marriage” frightens many people. They believe legalizing same-sex marriage will destroy the very sanctity of marriage. That has deeply rooted religious bases. But let me make a couple observations here. Traditional hetero marriage in this country is failing miserably! With divorce rates nearing 60%, what are the traditionalists protecting? A failing institution? Why? The religious traditionalists will say marriage must be a joining of man and woman for the purpose of propagating the species. Just let me point out here, the globe can’t support and feed the population we have now, so why worry about adding more mouths to feed? Secondly, what about straight married couples that choose not to have children? If the choice by a loving committed couple is to be childless, does it matter if they are straight or gay? Also, on the subject of children. Statistics show that children raised in a same-sex union or same-sex married household show no signs of being anything other than normal kids, good, bad, or indifferent!

Now let me lend some common sense to the discussion.  Aren’t children raised in a loving two parent home way better off than one’s raised by a single parent? Wouldn’t allowing loving and committed couples the opportunity to adopt kids and raise them as their own be better for the children, the country, the world, etc? Of course it would!

     So, proponents of same-sex marriage need to hang tight for a while. As noted in columnist Steve Chapman’s column in today’s Star tribune, the opposition to gay marriage comes mostly from Americans over age 65. By contrast, Americans under age 30, favor same-sex marriage rights by an almost 20% margin!  The state of Maine, by popular vote earlier this month, overturned the state’s same-sex marriage law. Opponents cheered. But, the media didn’t cover as much what happened in the state of Washington. Washington voters, with a 52% total, agreed to accord domestic partners all  rights that married couples receive.  The importance is the use of “domestic couples” rather than same-sex marriage.

     We need to be patient now. We’ll have to live under “seperate but equal” for a while until public sentiment moves the proper direction. It really is a civil rights issue, not a whole lot different from what the African-American population had to live with until the mid 1960’s. It will change eventually, the “morally good” people of our country will come through. This is a terrible wrong being done to a segment of our population that demands to be righted. Keep the faith! Thank you.

Cam Obert


November 17, 2009

This will be a Sid Hartman like column. For those of you that don’t know Sid, he’s the 89 year old sports columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Sid has been with the paper for over 65 years now! He is a Minnesota sports “homer” to the nth degree! His columns the past few years really have been nothing more than lists, although, give him credit, he still shows up for most Gopher major mens’ events and is out at Vikings, Wild, and Timberwolves practices almost everyday. The old tape recorder is always with him! Now, in reference to the Gopher mens’ sports, Sid is not a fan of womens’ sports at all. Title 9 be damned, he says! He claims the new Knight-Ridder Hockey arena on campus was the biggest waste of money ever at the “U”! Even though my daughter Katy was a competitive gymnast for about 15 years, and I went to most of her meets, all around the country, like Sid, I’m not much of a womens’ sports fan!

So that leads me to today’s first jot: Kudos to Danielle Justice for her solid work in the nets for the Gustavus Adolphus hockey team! She is a graduate from my hometown high school, Alexandria, and her and her family have become close friends with a troublesome cub reporter from the Greater Alexandria area. Great job, Danielle and I’m sure between you, your mom, and that cub reporter, I’ll stay up to date on your season. Good luck!

The Minnesota Twins unveiled their new uniforms for next season, their 50th year in Minnesota!  They look great! Now, if we can just get winter out of the way, our new baseball world starts in April at the new Target Field.

I’ve begun following the NFL again thanks to the excitement that Brett Favre, Adrien Peterson, Percy Harvin, Jared Allen, and former University of South Carolina Gamecock Sidney Rice, have brought to the Minnesota Viqueens this year. I’ve always been a Favray fan, but because of my disdain for the Green Bush fans, I couldn’t fully enjoy his talent!

Looks like the Wild are starting to come around to the new system under a new coach. I look for them to miss the playoffs this year, but they do have a promising future. They are more fun to watch this year too! It really helped dumping that malingerer, Marion Gaborik finally. I see he’s been “hurt” again this season with the Rangers. Good riddance!

I can’t think of a more rotten franchise in pro sports right now than the Timberwolves! They are last in scoring, last in points allowed, and last in deficit point differential in the NBA! Where they went wrong, was drafting and trading before putting a coach in place. Now with Kurt Rambis as coach, he’s been trying to force the”triangle offense” made famous by Phil Jackson. Here’s the problem, the ‘Wolves don’t have Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, or Kobe Bryant to run it! Do you really think the Jonny Flynn can handle? Not a chance. They have a very ordinary roster of players and a bad system. Ricky Rubio can’t help this train wreck!

The Gopher football team backed into a bowl last week by beating the feared and much hated South Dakota Jackrabbits 16-13. The All-American Gopher quarterback, Adam Weber lit up the Jackrabbit Defense with 94 yards passing and 2 picks! A huge day for the gifted talent, Weber. The team will get killed this week in Iowa City and then go on to another embarassing loss in the prestigious Insight Bowl!

The Gopher hockey team is struggling through yet another ordinary season. They have the top recruiting class in the country every year, but now have to count on getting nobody hurt the rest of the way in order to make the WCHA playoffs. With these great recruiting classes, why’s this roster so thin? It’s definately time to dump Lucia!

Tubby’s round ballers will have a very good, if not great season, in spite of losing three thugs from the roster for legal and discipline issues. The team is pretty deep and talented, and fun to watch. I’m glad Tubby and the Gopher hoopsters will keep us interested in this God forsaken frozen wasteland!

Our spirits will rise in the spring. The Twins will get going for another good season, the trade of Go-Go Gomez to the Brewers for JJ Hardy was a masterpiece, and of course, John Anderson will have the Gopher baseball team on top of the Big 10 and probably into the college baseball playoffs. Thanks for reading this, and please make comments and posts. I love to hear from you, as do all the readers!






Cam Obert





November 16, 2009

In the past couple of weeks or so, the right wing,  I can’t specify them as the “wing nuts”, has found three more non-issues to make into hysterical bumper sticker issues!

First was the horrible and terribly sad attack by a mad man at Fort Hood. Members of the “right”, immediately claimed it as a terrorist attack on America. Why? Because Major Hasan is a Muslim. Pure racism and scare tactic. Does anybody really believe al Qaeda would place an “extremist plant” in The US Army to only go on a random shooting spree to only kill thirteen innocent people? Give Bin Laden and al Qaeda more credit than that!

Next is the move by Attorney General Eric Holder calling for criminal trials in New York City to try the top al Qaeda thugs being held in the 9/11/01 WTC attacks. This is a no brainer for the federal government. Trying them in New York Southern District Court will expose these pieces of human crap to the best and toughest prosecutors in the country. They are not going to “get off”. This also reminds the rest of the world that our justice system is the best and fairest in the world. We are, after all, trying to be a beacon of decency to the planet. Security will be handled just fine in NYC. To remind the right wingers of a very important fact, our federal courts have a  100% conviction record  in cases of terrorism! I do believe another good move by the federal government would be to buy the under used prison facility in Illinois and hold the GITMO detainees there. Then start trying these people in a quicker fashion. For you budget hawks, we are spending millions of dollars to hold these people in Guantanamo, send them here, and create new domestic jobs for the prison.

The last bit of  Glenn Beck style hysteria would be the disgust shown  by the right wing at the sight of President Obama “bowing” to the Japanese leader of state, as it was earlier this year when the right wingers flipped out at Obama bowing to the Saudi leader. What these obvious idiots don’t seem to understand is that is the tradition and the showing of respect in those countries! But no!!! The real wing nuts believe this is a display of “American weakness”. It’s that attitude that gained the United States so much anger and displeasure toward “us”  during the Bush 43 years. The “bully of the planet!”, that’s the way the extreme right likes it. They like our country to be hated by every state it comes in contact with. What a great foreign policy basis. It’s no wonder we’re still trying to escape the enormous trade deficit we have built.

Here’s what amazes me and saddens me. The closest a conservative elected politician has come to calling out these ‘WING NUTS” , was Senator Lindsey Graham(R-SC) saying the Glenn Beck “tea baggers” are lunatics. The problem is  the main stream republicans and their leadership are running scared from the “leader”, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of these ill informed fear mongers! Oh, how I long for the return of great republicans like Nelson Rockefeller, Ev Dirkson, Mark Hatfield, Arne Carlson, even Barry Goldwater and the rest. Thank you.

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