Joe Lieberman? Live proof of lobbyists money in action!

In the campaign for the Senate seat in 2006, Senator Joe Lieberman proclaimed loudly many times not only does he agree with universal health care coverage, but he is going to work hard for the citizens of Connecticut to pass legislation to make it happen! Something happened between then and now. He has turned 180 drgrees on the issue and has claimed he will side with the republicans in the Senate to fillibuster the proposed bill if it includes a public option. Most major insurance companies are based in Connecticut, hmmm!, I wonder???? Do you? He claimed the other day he opposes the public option for the good of the country and his home constituancy. The latest poll in Connecticut shows that 73% of the voters in Connecticut want the public option. Hmmm,again. Who are his constituants? The people of Connecticut as a whole, or the business execs and CEO’s of the insurance companies in Hartford? Makes me sick!


2 Responses to “Joe Lieberman? Live proof of lobbyists money in action!”

  1. Cam Obert Says:

    I’m watching this fraud on Face The Nation right now. What a joke of a former democrat!, just jump parties and get it over with!

  2. sistersue Says:

    What the heck is wrong with Lieberman? How can he betray the very party who elected him to be our candidate for the V.P.? Surely in his heart of hearts he doesn’t believe he is representing his constituents in Connecticut. Is this REALLY about Joe getting attention OR is it about representing his constituents. He should hang his head in shame.

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